Selim Tolga

Selim Tolga Magician

Selim Tolga Magician grew up in Bern and lives today in Zurich. It was not the standard magic box he was given as a present that made him decide to become a magician, but a show by an older woman he once saw performing magic for kids. He was soon ready to join a magic club and prepared for the examinations to be inducted into the swiss circle of magicians. Selim Tolga completed academic studies too and is a graduated polygrapher and holds a bachelor degree in restaurant and hotel management. Selim Tolga is today a full time professional magician and has now been performing magic for more than 25 years. He has performed countless shows at almost every possible location and occasion. Countless feedback is proof that comedy and charm make Selim Tolga a successful entertainer and magician. Apart from being a magician he is also Switzerlands most famous minimalist and declutter coach: