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Spells easily learn? Magic lessons for children and adults.

“Simple magic tricks you can master in minutes!”


Teaching magic: Learning simple but impressive magic tricks is an unforgettable experience for both kids and adults alike. In differentiated magic workshops, the participants learn easy but effective magic tricks with every day objects (for kids, this is combined with handicraft work). At the end of the course, the participants, in groups, can perform the learned magic tricks. This fosters team spirit and guarantees great slapstick. For kids: Upon completion of the course, the kids receive a hand signed magic certificate. For kids events this program can be combined perfectly with the Kids Magician where the kids can learn to do magic on their own after the big magic show. For the online magic classes and magic courses online just contact me for specific details.

  • Perfect for project week, holiday fun, magic workshop, team event
  • Flexible from 1 hour to all day
  • Cool magic workshops for children and adults
  • Perfect addition for children’s magician
  • Show Simple and amazing magic tricks
  • Online Magic Classes and Courses

Pics Learning Magic Tricks Kids

Pics Learning Magic Tricks Adults


Ready to learn the best simple magic tricks from home? Join Selim Tolga’s online magic school “Simple Magic Tricks” where you can master in minutes the very best simple magic tricks for great reactions. All props which are needed you will find at your home. Become a magician over night and amaze your friends at your next party. All tricks are thought in easy to understand quick videos (english subtitle).
  • more than 150 videos
  • pay only once with a lifetime access
  • with lots of additional downloads and PDF’s
  • more than 800 students
Teaching magic